2002: Killing Ophelia formed as a part time side project of  Vocalist / Visual Artist Karen King and Lee Lauer (Aslan Faction) The duo had previously worked together as Karen had provided the Backing Vocals for the Aslan faction track “Bring on the Dying”. The duo began working together and by the end of this year Killing Ophelia was signed to the Black Rain label



2003: First Album “Last Vision” 





2004: Killing Ophelia toured and played  Label concerts and Wave Gothic Treffen



2005: King and Lauer begin work together on their second album and they also began to experiment with video story boarding and designing and producing a Video Promo for the track “Cut”.



2006: The second album “IAMAI” was released





2007: King and Lauer work on new material and play shows in the UK



2008 - 2009: King and Lauer play a one off gig in Chemnitz Germany.

King contributes her vocals and words as a guest artist for the

art / music group The Dielectric



2009: Killing Ophelia Play on the 10 years of Black Rain Tour Playing in Utrecht and Zurich



2010: Killing Ophelia have no further plans for any future releases at this time



2011-2012: King Launches her new full time solo project ElectroXcentric










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